Sony Xperia TX film shoot: behind the scenes part 4

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It's one last trip behind the scenes of Summertown with our award-winning Pocket Filmmaker, Jason Van Genderen.

Summertown is the short-film project created by CNET Australia and Jason Van Genderen, shot entirely on the Sony Xperia TX.

In this final behind-the-scenes episode, Jason pulls together a few last insights into the process. How did he achieve rich, clean sunrise shots at Bondi using the phone? How did he create the aquarium effect on the old store in Sofala? Just how much gear was required to run those amazing projections? It's another great background video for anyone who's keen to get serious about shooting video on their phone.

Be sure to watch Summertown itself, as well as the earlier behind-the-scenes shoots:

Plus, make sure to catch all of Jason's Pocket Filmmaker series.

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