Sony's 2010 TVs beyond 'just' Freeview

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It's no longer good enough just to switch on the television and watch free-to-air in 2010, with Sony's new range of Bravia LCDs offering a wealth of further options including Bravia Internet Video (IPTV) and 3D entertainment.

Sony unveiled its largest ever range of 26 different televisions today starting with the new entry-level EX models, continuing with the "Picture Perfection" HX series, and culminating in the stylish NX series and 3D-flagship LX900 models.

3D is one of the biggest drawcards for the company this year, with Sony making three models available. The LX900 features 3D on-board and comes with two sets of glasses. It will come in 60- and 50-inch sizes in July 2010 with pricing to be announced.

sony nx800 angle

The flagship Sony Bravia NX800 LCD features an optional stand that gives you more mountains (Credit: Sony Australia)

Meanwhile, the LED backlit HX800 and HX900 (July '10) will be available in sizes from 40 inches through to 55 inches and will require the addition of an optional 3D transmitter and glasses ($TBA). Expect 3D Blu-ray players and discs to also start filtering into Australia mid-year as well.

Sony's command of content was a common theme at today's event, and in addition to highlighting its 3D capabilities, the company also talked up internet TV (IPTV). Sony's version is called Bravia Internet Video and all of this year's models (except the EX500 and EX600) will feature over 15 new channels including catch-up TV for SBS and Channel 7. Other channels available from the TV's redesigned Xross Media Bar (XMB) include Billabong, Wired, Epicurious and Ford Models.

The new range features what the company calls "Monolithic Design", which is a minimalist-looking television with a narrow bezel and also features the TV sitting at an upward six-degree slant. Sony says this unusual slanted design is so that customers can put the TV on a low bench and still have large screens sit at a comfortable eye level.

The Sony NX700 (from AU$2999) and NX800 (from AU$4999) will be available in March and both feature a striking brushed-aluminium stand as an option, which is available for between AU$250 and AU$350 separately. The stand is adjustable to either vertical or at a six-degree angle as well.

Sony Bravia's IPTV

Bravia Internet Video will include YouTube browsing and SBS and Seven catch-up TV (Credit: Pam Carroll/CNET Australia)

The entry-level EX series will also be available in March and will come in sizes from 32 inches (from AU$899) through to 60 inches (AU$6999) and is remarkable because it is one of the first budget ranges we've seen that includes LED backlighting (in the EX600 and EX700).

Despite Sony's preoccupation with the whizzbang features, the whole range will of course feature on-board Freeview tuners, so even if you don't have the internet or don't care about 3D then at least you can still watch something.

Check back with CNET Australia for all the latest news and reviews on the Sony Bravia range as we get more information.

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Radovich posted a comment   

Could we convert videos on Bravia Internet Video Platform to our pc for offline enjoyment, as youtube users do with ifunia youtube video converter? (You can directly download Youtube video for offline enjoyment. It's a totally FREE YouTube downloader for Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard which enables you to batch download YouTube(including HD YouTube video) and many other flash videos to your Mac laptop and desktop computer.)


tb posted a comment   

KDL-46EX700 from DJs 11-14 March 2010 @ ~AU$2,300. You have to put some pressure on because it is order-only. Hurry!!!


Michael B posted a comment   

"dancers and 3D effects akimbo"?
I don't think that means what you think it means.


greyham posted a comment   

"so even if you don't have the internet or don't care about 3D then at least you can still watch something."
but... this article is on the inter... oh, never mind


Mayu posted a comment   

you didnt happen to be looking at teh onkyo tx-sr607? i bought it from HK for 750AUD delivered.


Mick posted a comment   

Buy grey market when and where you can! Give Sony Australia nothing, Viva Revolution!!


Chucky posted a comment   

Guys, this is not just an issue with Sony ripping you off. Everyone is ripping us off! Sony is just maintaining the status quo.

I want to buy an Onkyo receiver with an RRP of $1,499 which can be bargained down to $1,100. This same model can be had for less than $600 in Hong Kong or Singapore, or $400 USD in America. This is just completely outrageous.


John posted a comment   

Yeah I feel for you Matejay, we Australians get ripped off with everything, cars, public transport...

Ridiculous even food is not taht cheap anymore and we have farms here WTF.

That on top of the high taxes we pay, its really disappointing...

Its a rip off country, the people who don't realise this just never left australia. So Sony Aus... get your act together and be more competitive... we are not in the stone ages anymore, a lot of aussies have seen the rest of the world.


Marke posted a comment   

Perhaps we should ask Ty Pendlebury to investigate why there are such huge price discrepancies.


Matejay posted a reply   

You know, we actually should. This "special" OZ pricing is completely ridiculous and for a company trying to jump back into the market and salvage market share from Samsung after getting it's **** kicked for a while now this is really a strange move. To charge almost 100% extra compared to the rest of the world just for being a smaller market and an isolated one on top of it isn't going to win them any sympathy vote at all.

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