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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Sony's 24-inch PS3 gaming monitor priced for Oz

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(Credit: Sony Computer)

Sony has announced a new 3D display with multi-screen support, designed to complement the PS3, which will be available later this year for AU$699.95.

The PlayStation-branded TV is a 24-inch monitor that looks like a PSP and includes two pairs of 3D glasses. While the overseas version includes an HDMI cable and a copy of Insomniac's September-dated Resistance 3, no bundle has yet been announced locally. Prices for extra glasses will be outlined at a later date.

Sony filed a patent 12 months ago that enables two users to multi-screen game using 3D glasses on the same TV, and we finally see the fruits of this labour.

But, just in case you missed it, this monitor doesn't include either a PlayStation or an on-board tuner. Compatibility with PCs at this point is unknown.

What do you think about this? Will you be buying one? Let us know in the comments below.


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NicholeI posted a comment   

does this work as a tv too ?


MokhtarM posted a comment   

doesnt sony thinks 24 inch is abit small for a gaming monitor,,, the point of this is to get rid of ur old big >40"< full hd tv and get a 24" monitor in ur living room. nthin to be seen from 3 metre distance


EdipB posted a comment   

I would buy one, but wouldn't use it, so ultimately, it's pointless to me, however, I love the concept of the idea and it could come in useful when guests are over. I think it's reasonably priced to, but I don't understand why they chose the monitor to be so small. 32" TV was the smallest I could play on my own and with friends 40" was pushing it. Don't think I'd like it's microscopic size. I guess that's why they needed the whole each player can only see their screen.
on a 50" TV you'll practically see the same thing, just in a different ratio.

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