Sony's next tablet to have Surface-like keyboard case?

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Matching Microsoft in its tablet ambitions, Sony's next tablet looks to have a productivity focus, with leaked images showing a Surface-like keyboard case.

The new Sony tablet with its keyboard case?
(Credit: MobiFlip)

German site MobiFlip has uncovered what appears to be a Sony presentation document, with images and specs for an unannounced tablet that will apparently have Xperia branding when it is officially revealed in the future. MobiFlip believes that the tablet will feature a 9.4-inch display with a 1280x800-pixel resolution, similar to the original Tablet S, and will have an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor. The leaked document points to the tablet being constructed from aluminium, and being "splash-proof". It will have the same rolled-edge design that we saw on the Tablet S, but this edge will now be much slimmer.

Like its first tablet forays, Sony seems to be attempting to find a unique angle for this latest slate. It will feature an IR blaster, so that it can double as a universal remote in your living room, and it will feature small apps that will only take up a portion of the screen, so that the user can perform two tasks simultaneously.

The keyboard case we mentioned earlier is part of a range of accessories listed in the document, alongside an HDMI adapter and a USB host port.

The slimmer design of the Xperia tablet
(Credit: MobiFlip)

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petermchardy posted a comment   

Interesting... I'd have though that with the natural shape of the device that the stand would not have covered the whole back. I'd have thought that it might clip on to the underside of the bulge. Ergonomically that would be an absolute winner and still work correctly... Just a thought?


thesorehead posted a comment   

Needs moar WinRT :P


AlexV1 posted a comment   

Sound Familiar Joe haha


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

Yep, hat-tip to you Alex, thanks for the heads up


AlexV1 posted a reply   

No Worries, This is a good direction for Sony with their tablets. Almost exactly what I was hoping for , think they need either a 7" in the mix also though..


petermchardy posted a reply   

Actually think that they could have gone with a more pixel dense screen... Still like the look of it though.

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