Sony's XEL-1 OLED TV gets release date

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It may be a while before we see an OLED screen suitable for lounge room use, but in the meantime we have this: the XEL-1.

Look out for the CNET Australia review shortly!
(Credit: Sony)

While the 11-incher has been out in the States for a year, Sony has just informed us it will be available in mid-April 2009.

This ain't no Kogan TV though, so if you're hoping the stimulus package will help pay for it then you should stop reading now. Final pricing is still being determined, but Sony says it will be between AU$6,000 and AU$8,000. To put this in perspective, this is between three and four full-HD 32-inch LCDs.

But it does have a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, a 960x540 resolution, and a thickness of just 3mm at its thinnest point. The TV also comes with two HDMI ports. Quick! Get one now while there's still bragging rights! ;)

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Tired posted a comment   

Simply corporate greed.
$2800 US rrp is $4K here.

There is no reason why it should be more.
FYI Singapore dictates what they will supply and then supply put their % $ > Sony AU then puts their % $ on. How else can they make their huge margin ? Oh yes I hear - we only make 15-20% margin in the store - but Sony makes 60% getting it to us.

Wait another 10 months when Sony really has the squeeze on and we might see some price parity. They come out of the same Malaysian factory now.


gonno posted a comment   

dont you know we get ripped off silly here in australia?


Steve posted a comment   

I'm all for OLED technology, the sooner we get rid of LCD the better. But here's the problem, this thing cost $2800US when it came out in the states. Why then in Australia is it costing us a minimum of SIX GRAND???


msneiman posted a comment   

I think that the major advantage to be first had with this technology is when they begin implimenting into notebook screens! Honestly, the moment i is a OLED screen on say, a 13 inch notebook.... i'll be the first inline to buy one! I would be overjoyed with the fact of having a screen that uses less power and produces a superior pic over LCD anyday!

Would luv to know how well this goes for reflective and high light environments such as sitting outside on a sunny day?

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