South Korea building 5G network 1000x faster than 4G

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South Korea plans to spend ₩1.6 trillion on a 5G network, for completion by the year 2020.

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4G still hasn't reached all — or even most — of Australia, but already the web-forward South Korea is gearing up to produce the world's first 5G network. As reported by South Korean news website Yonhap News, the country will spend around ₩1.6 trillion — around AU$1.69 billion — through cooperation with local companies such as Korea Telecom, SK Telecom, Samsung and LG to build the next-generation network.

The "Creative 5G Mobile Strategy", which the South Korea science ministry claims will be 1000 times faster than current 4G networks — fast enough to download an 800MB full-length film in under a second — aims for a trial service to be rolled out by 2017, and to be completed by 2020.

"We helped fuel national growth with 2G services in the 1990s, 3G in the 2000s and 4G around 2010. Now it is time to take preemptive action to develop 5G," the science ministry said in a statement. "Countries in Europe, China and the US are making aggressive efforts to develop 5G technology...and we believe there will be fierce competition in this market in a few years."

The ministry also said that the new network would allow travellers on bullet trains travelling at speeds of 500 kilometres an hour to access the internet. At the moment, the limit is 300 kilometres per hour.

Rivals currently working on 5G networks include Huawei in China, NTT Docomo in Japan, and Samsung, also in South Korea.

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booboosix40 posted a comment   

I would like to see an estimate cost for an Australian roll out. I think it would be quite interesting.


MitchellT posted a reply   

i asked telstra once about a similar subject and they said that wireless is at least 50% cheaper to roll out than copper/fibre they even said that its cheaper to roll out 4g than 3g


malburo posted a comment   

That's good news for S. Korea.


ChucxC posted a comment   

2020 is too far, i need it like next week please. Who's thinking this way?


AaronS4 posted a comment   

4G can go up to 100 megabits per scond, if this is 1000x faster than 4G then 5G will go up to 100000 megabits per second or 12500 megabytes per second, I think it's safe to say that 1000x faster is a bogus claim.


MarkM13 posted a reply   

They most likely mean 1000x what you see advertised. I.e. A 100mb connection does not download at 100mbps, it's closer to 10mb, or a tenth anyway. So in those terms it is probably more accurate to say it's 100x faster, which bingst closer to the 1GB they mention.


SedrickJ posted a comment   

Maby they mean 1 GBs


HarshanaS posted a comment   

"fast enough to download an 800MB full-length film in a second, with top speeds of 1Gbps "

1Gbps = 1 Giga bits per second = 128 Megabytes(MB) per second,

800 MB/128MB = 6.25 , it takes 6.25 seconds.

then how can they say, a 800 MB movie can be download in a second , still a better speed but an epic lie


HarshanaS posted a comment   

fast enough to download an 800MB full-length film in a second, with top speeds of 1Gbps

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