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This Aussie Kickstarter project helps action lovers document their adventures, and is also useful for cyclists and motorbike riders who want to keep an eye on potential incidents.

(Credit: Spectacam)

The Spectacam sits on top of most common helmets with a range of mounts, and is a front and rear 1080p camera designed to capture footage from both in front of and behind the wearer. At 60g, it's lighter than many other action cameras on the market, including the GoPro.

Connecting via Wi-Fi to an iOS or Android device, users can see exactly what footage the cameras are capturing through a live viewfinder. Both cameras can be adjusted to change the angle of view, but unlike many other action cameras, which have fairly wide 170-degree fields of view, the Spectacam only has a medium field of view (there's no actual degree listed). According to the developers, this is because a wide field of view would make it more difficult for the camera to capture detail from number plates.

It's not only designed for road cyclists, though, with the designers citing its use cases for elite sportspeople looking to analyse footage from training sessions. At the moment, the camera is not waterproof, but the intention is to develop a water-resistant finished product, should the funding be successful.

Spectacam is certainly ambitious, seeking US$200,000 in funding by 18 December.

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