Sport on smart TVs: what's on offer in Australia

Nothing beats watching sports on a big screen. Thanks to the new range of "smart TVs" hitting the market this year, there are now a lot more ways you can get your sporting fix delivered directly to your TV via your internet connection.

While the smart TV market is still in its infancy, there's actually a respectable focus on sporting content being made available through internet-enabled televisions. The problem is that every manufacturer has formed its own partnership deals with content providers, meaning that what sporting content you can access depends on what brand of TV you buy.

To demystify who's offering what, here's a full rundown of the sports available on this year's range of smart TVs:

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MarieS posted a comment   

Hi there - is there one tv particularly 'linked' to surfing? I couldn't see it above? Great article by the way - we are taking our first shakey steps towards a smart tv and this has helped enormously!


rmalik25 posted a comment   


Any of these apps available through Boxee? I currently have my plasma connected to my laptop and use the Boxee application to stream media from the internet/home network. Anyone had any luck getting these sports apps on Boxee?


Rareairunc posted a comment   

Hi,can you tell me whether the us nba gametime app would work on our aussie smart tvs? It is similar to mlb tv but for nba basketball. I dearly want a panasonic thp65vt30 this year but am hopig i can use the nba game time app


Nick Broughall posted a reply   

None of the current range offers this app. That's not to say it won't appear in the future, but at the moment, only the services in the story are actually available.

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