Spot the fakes at the Shanghai Auto Show 2009

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When does imitation stop being a form of flattery and become a case of straight out copying? We take a look around this year's Shanghai Motor Show and try to sort the fakes from the rest.

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BuyIt posted a comment   

Chinese cars are of not bad quality.

Just be realistic. Chinese made cars will be popular soon, as they do have this ability.

Like it? then will buy it. Don't like it? well, in the near future you may have to buy it for the sake of bargain/quality.


Early Grayce posted a comment   

Many cars in each class so closely resemble one another it is hard not to think of the major car companies copying each other.
Except they tend to refer to it as this years styling.
look at how in the early eighties all car companies followed one another from the round edges to the squarer styling then back to rounder in the late eighties/early nineties, then to rounder panels with square edges again after that.
My 96 Taurus survived the restyling and looks like a fairly recent model now in 2009.


Pandora posted a comment   

I for one would never give a second's thought to buying a Chinese made vehicle. They are clearly substard. China copies because they lack the faculty to think for themselves; probably something to do with their system of government.


i love it posted a comment   

I think china has done well for a nation that was invaded and bullied by the west for so many years. it's gonna be tough for china to get a foot into the car industry and they deserve some acknowledgement for producing these cars. give china 50 more years and the rest of the world will be copying china.


Andy posted a comment   

These photos must be fake. Once a powerfull nation are now bugie jumping there way to being complete theives


Questioner posted a comment   

If all cars are four wheels? Are they Copying Each Other?


PaulC12 posted a comment   

As far as I can see, according to the transactions described in the article, the Roewe 750 is not a knockoff but is an actual real Rover in all but name.


Erin's Mom's Mum posted a comment   

Which car would you like Erin, you can it get one if u mow my lawn.


Erin's Mom posted a comment   

I love piracy and I think that we should continue to brake every copyright barrier in the world. (JK)


Erin posted a comment   

Imitation used to be considered the highest form of flattery. Now it's just blatant plagiarism.

Ripping off other car makers says more about China than they'd care to admit, ie they're a country happy to legitimise copyright AND they care little for safety as their cheap copies rarely possess the engineering qualities that the originals do.

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