Spotiamp: Spotify's tribute to Winamp

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There's no need to lament the loss of Winamp thanks to this touching tribute app made by Spotify.

(Credit: Spotify)

Last month, AOL announced the end of Winamp, a media player that took off with the rise of the MP3 in the late 1990s. Its popularity as a standalone player has since dwindled thanks to players like iTunes entering the market, but it still has a base of passionate users.

The official Winamp player is still fully functional, but there will be no further development. It is still available to download from, despite having passed the official shutdown date of 20 December.

Though no official announcement has been made, it has been reported by TechCrunch that AOL is in talks to sell Winamp and Shoutcast.

In honour of Winamp, Spotify has made a tribute app available that is fully compatible with songs from the music-streaming service. The user interface is lifted directly from the classic Winamp skin, and the program lets you play all your Spotify playlists.

To download the free app, head to for the Windows installer. As an added bonus, the app is compatible with Winamp visualisation plugins, has the classic equalizer and a built-in Shoutcast server. Spotiamp will only work with a Spotify Premium account.

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DonzzyL posted a comment   

Farewell my favorite media player!

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