Spotify finally goes live in Australia

Australia's glut of music-streaming services is set to get bigger today, as the long-awaited Spotify service finally launches down under.


(Credit: Spotify)

Spotify is a music-streaming service that has, until now, only operated in the northern hemisphere. Today it goes live in Australia, with 16 million tracks accessible via desktop client, mobile and tablet device.

Triple J has teamed up with Spotify locally to create a music curation app that pipes all of the broadcaster's content, including top charts and the annual Triple J Hottest 100, into Spotify.

The Spotify service also supports other third-party apps, like lyric apps, recommendation apps and music-curation apps.

The service runs a free, ad-supported tier that allows access to streamed tracks. Ads take the form of in-client banners and forced audio ads. Spotify Unlimited is $6.99 per month, and sees ads removed from the service, while having offline support and premium sound quality costs $11.99 per month.

The Spotify service had been scheduled to launch earlier in the year, but the launch was pushed back, reportedly to strike deals with local music labels.

Spotify joins the burgeoning ranks of music-streaming services in Australia, which so far includes the likes of JB Hi-Fi Now, Rdio, Sony Music Unlimited, Vevo and Vodafone's partner service, Mia.


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66669q posted a comment   

You have to have Facebook account to sign up bad luck if you don't what to link your account or sign up to facebook.


ADSLNerd posted a comment   

I would never support any service that pushes DRM via an App to force users to use the service as Spotify want. If I'm paying for something I want no restrictions whatsoever. I pay for it I do what I want on as many devices as I prefer. People are shunning subscription based streaming services, because of cost and able to obtain music via various cheaper means, yet these companies think they can get people to keep digging in their pockets - good luck - won't work with me.

Here's how it works "Spotify's software does all the things DRM usually does. Music is streamed to its users -- and cached on the user's drive -- in an encrypted format, which is then decrypted by the proprietary client. Spotify uses this control to enforce arbitrary rules on its users. For example: you can't save music to listen to it later or elsewhere, you can't take a snippet of a song and use it for something else like a presentation or review. And while Spotify makes a fanfare of the fact that users can opt out of the otherwise-required advertising by subscribing for a monthly fee, there is no way for users to opt out of DRM."

Add to this the forcible procedure to use Facebook - so much for choice - sounds like big brother. Then add draconian control systems via DRM to further restrict use, and then have the hide to ask you to pay for it as well - must be all suckers.

These companies simply don't get it, people are sick of money hungry companies and music companies overcharging for music, why would anyone join a subscription service? I hope it all flops.


JacksonG posted a reply   

What a rubbish and useless post. Yes we would all love music for free but how, I wonder, would you sell this idea to record labels or even independent artists? You can't expect that just because you want something that you deserve to have it.
If $7 per month is too much for you then no business will be interested in looking after you. Labels and artists are already complaining that they don't get enough revenue from spotify and you want to give them even less.
You sound like a spoiled brat and not someone with the forward thinking that you seem to think you have.
I think the argument that music is to expensive so I don't feel bad about piracy is now getting a bit weak when you can listen to music for free with the occasional ad...


cftbla posted a comment   

The mandatory Facebook account linking is bizarre, and is most likely going to stop me using it. Ridiculous idea.


SAPaleAle posted a comment   

Was going to have a look but the requirement to have a Facebook account meant I couldn't and I wasn't creating a Facebook account. Rdio gave me the option to use a email address so currently trialling that and will have a look at the Telstra/Bigpond offering when it shows.


Im Batman posted a comment   

Finally, gave it a crack this morning, not to bad at all.
Found some tracks that i used to really love growing up where my mates had the CD and i would listen to it with them, sharing the memories..


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

That's what I love about streaming music too. Invariably the first tracks I listen to when I sign in are songs I'd listen to in high school. :)

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