Spotify intros 12 third-party apps for your listening pleasure

Spotify's announcement late last year that it would be offering an application platform for developers seems to be paying off.

Spotify has added 12 new apps to its service.
(Credit: Spotify)

The streaming-music company has announced that there are 12 new apps available on its service from a host of companies, including Universal, Sony, Warner and Def Jam.

For classical music fans, Spotify boasts a new app called Classify that allows users to find songs based on composers, eras and moods. Def Jam Recordings has unveiled an application designed for hip-hop and R&B fans that will "give you new experiences in music discovery and curation". There's even a new Hot or Not app that lets users listen to two songs and determine which track is better.

"Want to check out complete album booklets in Spotify?" the music service asked in a statement today. "Personalise playlists based on your Facebook likes? Delve more deeply into the history of legendary artists? Listen to the most popular Spotify songs on Twitter? All this and much, much more is coming to Spotify."

Spotify opened up its service to app developers back in November, saying at the time that the move was designed to augment the services that Spotify already offers. It was a thinly veiled attempt on Spotify's part to follow Apple and Facebook and create an "ecosystem" around its platform.

What's unclear, though, is how Spotify will hold up against Apple and Facebook. Spotify launched its application store with only 12 available apps, and currently only has a couple of dozen offerings. Apple has hundreds of thousands of applications in its service, and Facebook has some of the world's top social apps.

That said, Spotify's application offering is still in its infancy. And if it can show developers strong usage, then they might just jump at the chance to offer their apps.

Here's the full list of Spotify's new additions:

  • Classify
  • The Complete Collection
  • Def Jam
  • Digster
  • Domino
  • Filtr
  • Hot or Not
  • The Legacy Of
  • Matador Records
  • [PIAS]
  • TweetVine
  • The Warner sound


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