Spotify 'special announcement' in US this week, delays local news

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An Australian Spotify announcement was recently delayed due to other upcoming news from the company. A US announcement on Wednesday might be the "special announcement" that they were waiting for.

After expecting an Australian announcement in mid-March, a local Spotify representative informed us that the announcement would be rescheduled due to "exciting new developments", which they want to be included in the Australian launch. As for launch, we were told that it is "still imminent".

Spotify has made a rapid series of updates to its service, from its Apps system to last week's launch of a play button that lets website owners integrate songs, albums and playlists into their sites. Spotify has now sent out invitations to a US media briefing in New York for Wednesday, 18 April.

The latest "special announcement" invitation to US media. (Credit: Engadget)

Speculation is rife over what the latest big news could be for the service. Could it be a new way to include app and playlist recommendations, or something else? It couldn't be the Red Hot Chili Peppers making their entire catalogue available; that news is already out.

Some of the Australian press have been given test accounts to start reviewing the service (CNET Australia included), so local news can't be too far off. From experiences so far within this office, there is some agreement that the already very good Spotify would be greatly improved by a better recommendation engine.

In other Spotify news, there was an interesting titbit in a Swedish business daily newspaper (thankfully translated by The Wall Street Journal), where Spotify CEO Daniel Ek offers up some hopeful sales projections for the current year.


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orcrist65 posted a comment   

After all the hype about Spotify starting up in Australia there has been stoney silence whats going on ?


PatrickJ posted a comment   

Hopefully it's an official iPad app.

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