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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Spy cam disguised as car remote

(Credit: Swann)

The Swann DVR410 RemoteCam is a digital camera shaped like a car remote control.

A camera lens and microphone are found on the front and buttons are unmarked so no one will suspect it's anything more than an ordinary car remote. It records up to 40 minutes of footage onto a 2GB SD card with a resolution of 720x480 in full colour. Still image capture is also possible up to 1280x1024-pixel resolution

As with any spy camera, you can use it for good or mischief. So record responsibly. And remember, no matter how much this looks like a real car remote, if you point it at people long enough, they are going to suspect something's amiss.

Contact Swann to find out where to buy this US$100 gadget.

Car remote spy camera

(Credit: Swann)

Via CNET Asia and The Red Ferret


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A posted a comment   

Hm, as stevjosco said, it'd be easier just to bring a camera.
Wouldn't it be obvious if someone walks into a room.
Starts pointing their care remote at people and clicking the button.
Either they'd think you're crazy or your cover just got blown.


stevjosco posted a comment   

The way they keep disguising cameras as all sorts of other objects you will soon be able to hide a camera inside a camera because no one will believe that anyone would be so bold to record with such an obvious looking device.


EricJ posted a comment   

Hey i wouldnt complain if my car remote had a mini usb port on the side for charging :)


M posted a comment   

Nothing sus about the mini usb port on the side hahahaha

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