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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Star Wars Blu-rays ready to launch

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While some critics have been crying "noooo" at the news of changes, Star Wars fans can check out the newly cleaned-up saga on Blu-ray for the first time tomorrow.

Fans have taken to blogs and forums to express their disgust at one reported change in particular: Darth Vader now says "No" as he hurls the Emperor to his death.

Other changes that have been met with approval, or at least encouraging grunts, include blinking Ewoks and swapping out the "creepy" puppet Yoda for a digital version in The Phantom Menace.

"I think people are going to be generally pleased about what they see," said Lucasfilm's supervising sound editor, Matt Wood. "They're finally seeing it in high-def for the first time and noticing things."

"We kinda say out here that films are never really released, they just have to kind of escape. They have a release date and you're kind of stuck with that. If you have additional time to improve upon it, you can go for it," said Wood.

Wood said fans of the film can get into as much detail as they like, with exhaustive behind-the-scenes footage included in the box set: "I think there's something there for everyone."

The Blu-ray sets will be officially launched in Australia at the JB Hi-Fi store in Pitt St, Sydney, on 14 September, with 1000 copies going to fans who assemble from 6am.

The Blu-rays will be available in two versions: each trilogy set will sell for AU$69.95, or both for AU$139.95.

The sets feature full 1080p video, 6.1 DTS surround sound and over 40 hours of bonus material, including original featurettes, deleted scenes and spoofs from the likes of Family Guy.

What's next for George Lucas? Well, be prepared to go back to the movies, as Matt Wood confirmed he had worked on the sound for the 3D-converted re-releases, starting with the Phantom Menace, which will be in cinemas early 2012.

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