Star Wars: Episode VII now has a screenwriter

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It's full steam ahead on Star Wars: Episode VII at Disney, with screenwriter Michael Arndt now confirmed as being attached to the project.

(Credit: Lucasfilm)

Ardnt has completed a 40 to 50 page treatment outlining his vision for the next story in the series, which could include parts for Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa. According to Vulture, Disney is keen to have the original actors who played these roles return for the new instalments.

The series seems to be in good hands with Arndt, who won an Academy Award for Little Miss Sunshine, was nominated for the Toy Story 3 screenplay and recently completed his work on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Arndt also has an affinity with the Star Wars universe, having used Episode IV — A New Hope as one of the key examples of a great cinematic climax in a lecture he gave recently, entitled "Endings: The Good, the Bad and the Insanely Great". Having been a script reader for years before breaking through as a writer, Ardnt spoke about the lessons he had learned from reading hundreds of unproduced screenplays. Episode IV, he believes, is one of the great examples of a satisfying movie resolution, because by "using the force", Luke overcomes his own self-doubt, realises his dream of being a heroic pilot and destroys the Death Star in a single, exhilarating moment.

He now has the chance to recreate that magic for the next generation of Star Wars fans.

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