Stations combine to celebrate three years of digital radio

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Over 50 radio stations joined together this morning to do a simultaneous broadcast across Australian cities to celebrate three years of digital radio.

Jonesy and Amanda from 101.7
(Credit: Andrew Jarvis Photography)

The side-by-side broadcasts took place from 5am to 9am AEST in a number of central locations in the five cities where digital radio broadcasts are available: Circular Quay in Sydney, Federation Square in Melbourne, King George Square in Brisbane, Victoria Square in Adelaide and Perth Cultural Centre.

Three years after its launch, DAB+ digital radio has nearly 1.3 million people listening in each week, with digital AM and FM stations broadcasting out of the five state capital cities to the 900,000 DAB+ devices that have been sold in Australia.

Nearly one in 10 Australian households owns a digital radio device, with PricewaterhouseCoopers analysts forecasting that product penetration will reach 18 per cent by June 2014.

The roll-out of digital radio to the rest of Australia is underway, with proposed timelines to be discussed by the Federal Government later this year.

Sydney stations broadcast from Circular Quay.
(Credit: Andrew Jarvis Photography)

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