Steam released for iOS and Android, our wallets hurt even more

First it was Microsoft to release an Xbox Live companion app onto the App Store, and now Valve is following suit with a similar piece of software — the Steam app — though it seems to be much more functional than Microsoft's.

(Credit: Valve)

The app allows users on the platform to keep in touch with their Steam friends via Steam Chat and also provides access to the entire Steam store. Like the Xbox Live app, players can browse their friends list and see who is online and playing what.

Of course, the Steam app doesn't deliver mobile games to iOS and Android users, but the proven PC and Mac game-delivery service is wise to broaden accessibility over multiple mobile platforms, potentially paving the way for future software market endeavours.

The Steam app is currently in a closed beta and members can request access by downloading, installing and logging into the app on either an iOS or Android device. That will start the process of receiving an invite.


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