Steam's Big Picture is out of beta, so let's have a sale

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Nic Healey can usually be found on a couch muttering about aspect ratios and 7.1 channel sound - which is helpful given that he's the home entertainment guy at CNET.

Big Picture is available for your lounge room right now, and, Steam being Steam, there's a massive week-long sale to celebrate.

(Credit: Valve)

Big Picture is Valve's attack on the consoles; a version of Steam optimised for HDTV, rather than your PC monitor. Announced back in September, it's completely out of beta now, meaning that if you haven't tried it yet, it's time to get hooked up and have a look.

Steam knows how to celebrate, so it's kicked off a week-long sale of "controller-friendly" titles to let you get a library of PC games that can be enjoyed in a couch-based environment.

There are some insane bargains to be had (like Left 4 Dead for US$4.99), so take a look at Big Picture and grab a game or two while you're at it.

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