Stimulus handout: Spend it on tech

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Could spending on gadgets be key to busting the recession?
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What if the Prime Minister declared an extra holiday and offered to send every good Aussie girl and boy a big bag of money to celebrate Christmas redux in April… Oh, that's right he actually has. Are you dreaming of ways to spend that $900 stimulus cheque due to arrive in your mailbox any day now?

We'd never advocate irresponsible spending, but if it's good for the economy to go shopping, it might as well be on tech gear that will keep you connected and productive (or at least better entertained). Enough justification — here's our pick of the top 10 products to spend your government bonus payment on. Whether you need a new phone, camera, laptop or TV, everything on our list is conveniently priced just under the $900 mark. Recession be gone!

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First Fox posted a comment   

I want a Laptop but I am not eligible for Government whatever and I am a full time student. I am waiting for another student stimilus package to spend them on Notebook. but when?


AlexF1 posted a comment   

Argh! I'm not eligible, because I got all my tax back. lol

That really sucks 'cause I really wanted a notebook, too. D:


raoul posted a comment   

How about spending it on Australian services rather than sending upwards of 50% overseas...


coopers beer and hookers is the answer..


Daytona posted a comment   

I get that the 'Kogan' TV is 'made' for the stimulus payment, however Kogan sources from O/S, and operates through a warehouse with minimal staff. I'm don't see how buying his TV will stimulate the AU economy at all...unless you're wanting to build the profits of Kogan himself.


SPC_75 posted a comment   

How about, give the money back to the govt to spend on FTTH? Had they done this originally the govt could have funded the whole damn thing.


Corey posted a comment   

I Bought the HP 2140 and it's the BEST netbook out there. I got it shipped in with custom 2GB RAM and Windows Vista. It is VERY powerful, fast, reliable and great battery despite what ive heard. I DEFINATELY RECCOMEND THIS!!!


Qurb posted a comment   

I wanted to use mine but I didn't get any! Its so crap you have to be over 18.


SimonY posted a comment   

I bought the SX1IS and am very happy with it - picture quality is pretty good, the 20X zoom is amazing, the HD video looks like it was shot with a pro camera, but the MOV file needs to be converted to MPEG4 to do anything useful with it.

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