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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Stinky breath? There'll be an app for that

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Are you often concerned that your terrible breath is spoiling all of your best punchlines?

A Swiss chipmaker is hard at work on a new smartphone chip that is capable of digitising smell and taste, and plans to release an iPhone accessory and app that would be capable of identifying smells. Adament Technologies believes that its invention could be available in the next year or two, and said that it is comprised of about 2000 sensors, or five times more sensors than the average human nose.

Assuming that your phone could smell, what would you then use it for? According to a Business Insider interview with Adament CEO Sam Khamis, the company is planning to check the freshness of your breath.

"Halitosis, or bad breath, tracking is something we're really interested in," Khamis said. Not only will the app pick up on your pong, but Khamis believes that it will also be able to identify the cause.

This, of course, would be a basic first application for this technology, but it certainly has our minds ticking over, imagining all of the other things that it could do. An app that could check your just-out-of-date milk? Or an app to confirm whether it was the dog who farted? A phone that could literally smell fear? The possibilities are endless.


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