Stow-Away your lens caps easily

We all know how troublesome it is to find some place to store your lens cap, only to later realise that you've misplaced it.

(Credit: Preston Turk)

US-based photographer Preston Turk has come up with a simple way to store them — in the form of the Stow-Away Lens Cap Holder.

The Stow-Away lets shutterbugs clip their lens caps to it, and features different steps to accommodate different lens cap sizes (52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm and 72mm). This handy accessory is secured to the tripod mount of your SLR via a thumb screw, and looks very much like a tripod base attachment, except a little longer.

(Credit: Preston Turk)

It also comes with a layer of cork on the top to prevent abrasions when attaching it to your camera's base. However, if you're using the Stow-Away, you won't be able to use a tripod.

Available on Kickstarter, the Stow-Away can be had for a US$14 pledge (unfortunately, the US$10 early bird special has sold out).

Via CNET Asia

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