Student sci-fi film gets Hollywood attention

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A no-budget sci-fi short from a German film student is gathering some serious studio interest.

The alien protagonist of R'ha.
(Credit: Kaleb Lechowski)

Kaleb Lechowski is just 22, but thanks to his short science-fiction film R'ha, he's already pitching feature projects to Hollywood.

The no-budget project took Kaleb seven months to make, and focuses on a war between a serpentine alien race and the machines they once commanded.

The animation is spectacular and the story feels like a nice snippet of a larger plotline. Check it out for yourself below, then head over to co.Create for an interview with Lechowski about R'ha.

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RichardH2 posted a comment   

Wow. I would guess this movie would make gagillions of $$, done properly. I would pay to see it. I know lots of others that would too. Plus the merchandising opportunity is priceless - figures, video games, etc.

22yo hits it out of the park.


CampbellS posted a reply   

Yeah but once Hollywood gets it they screw with it to make it more appealng to a wider audiance.

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