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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Stunning Shadow of the Colossus sculpture is also a hard drive

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(Credit: foxfoxwaltz)

Why should hard drives be boring to look at? That was the thought process of one enterprising hobbyist who built himself this stunning HD mod out of cardboard and plaster.

"I had a spare external hard drive that I was using for watching movies and TV shows via my PlayStation 3," Redditor foxfoxwaltz told CNET Australia. "I figured that if the HDD was sitting there next to the PlayStation 3, then I should at least make it something worth looking at. I went through many options and sketches of various ideas from many games. I settled on Shadow of the Colossus as I feel the fandom deserved a little more of a nod."

A pharmacy technician who does art and cosplay in his spare time, foxfoxwaltz had a good grounding for building his Quadratus case from scratch.

Starting with a cardboard skeleton, which he held together with hot glue on a heavy lamp base, he then wired in the LED eyes by removing the hard drive's existing LED light and wiring them into the empty socket — blue because he couldn't find gold ones — before plastering in the Colossus' body mass.

From there, it was simply a matter of painting, gluing in the flocking and finishing the eyes with a couple of scraps of parchment.

(Credit: foxfoxwaltz)

"I made the initial cardboard part in about 2-3 days," he said on the Reddit post. "Then it sat there for about a month because I was having trouble finding wiring and LEDs to do the eyes. Finally, one day I said 'eff it', tore apart the LED housing connector and ghetto rigged these LEDs I found, and soldered them in place. I spent the last 3 nights doing essentially what I showed in the album. I would say, if I had done it straight through, [it would have taken] about a week."

The only major concern is how to let heat escape now that the hard drive is essentially swaddled in plaster and cardboard; although, he did say that it shouldn't be too hard to punch in a few holes in it if it's running too hot.

"This particular drive I would consider to be a prototype for further projects with larger storage capacities, ventilation and removable hardware," he told us. "I intend to make a few more, perhaps from different games, but most certainly more from this game."

"I am currently making a project based on The Last Guardian, a spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus. I hope to have this project up for view within a week."

Head on over to foxfoxwaltz's Reddit post for a link through to his work-in-progress and finished project gallery, or for more information about his building process.


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