Style Boutique

One part fashion mix and match, one part introduction to consumerism. Style Boutique's a weird little game, especially coming from Nintendo, but tween girls will love it regardless.

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  • Elena Gilbert

    Elena Gilbert

    "Style Boutique is the most amazing game that I have ever played!!!
    thank you nintendo for creating it and bringing it to our shores!"

  • CaitlinLovesTigers



    "I've had this game since June 2010, got well over 1000 customers and lemme just say, you DO NOT date or marry Dominic! The extent of the relationship between Dominic and your character is literally..."

  • CelesteR



    I have been playing this game since December 25th, 2008.

    Dominic does not marry you. I have passed the ENTIRE game.

    I nearly have every ..."

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