Sub-US$100 3D phone in India

There are quite a number of mobile phones from India that don't make it to the rest of the world. Here's a new one that has a 3D display and costs under US$100. The QVGA screen on the M-67 from Spice Mobility shows a 3D image or video without glasses, much like the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game console.

(Credit: Spice Mobile)

3D screen aside, the M-67 is a 2.5G phone with two SIM card slots, a 2-megapixel camera and an FM tuner. It's available only in India, so we don't expect to test it out any time soon.

If you have seen one, let us know how well it works in talkback below.

Via CNET Asia

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MasterMind posted a comment   

Thats awesome! not the phone but the fact they finally figured out how to produce the 3d image without glasses! Well done!

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