Subscriber anger over new Foxtel movie packages

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Unhappy Foxtel subscribers have headed to Facebook to vent their rage over the changes to the movie channels.

(Credit: Foxtel)

As we've reported before, as of 1 January, Foxtel subscribers will have seen a few changes to their movie packages and channel options.

There is now just one movie package, with 11 channels divided into film genres, two of which are two-hour time shifted channels playing the same content, just later.

Previously, Foxtel had two different movie packages — Showtime and Movie Network — and viewers who only subscribed to one of the packages have been, in Foxtel's words, "moved to an equivalent tier".

People who had Showtime Movies will now be on Movie Basic Showcase, giving access to Premiere, Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama/Romance, Showcase and World Movies.

Subscribers who had Movie Network will now have Movie Basic Family, with Premiere, Family, Action/Adventure, Crime/Thriller, Masterpiece and World Movies as part of the deal.

Subscribers have been vocal about what they see as a reduction in their channels without a reduction to subscription fees. At the time of writing, there were over 850 comments on the Foxtel Facebook post that addressed the movie channels changes, the majority of which were strongly negative, calling the changes "disgusting" and a "rip off", while accusing Foxtel of "outright lies", "spin" and "tripe".

Foxtel's FAQ regarding the changes can be found here.

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gcooper03 posted a comment   



willothewisp posted a comment   

Get your act together foxtel the movies you show on your movie network are so old they will soon become fox classics. Is this so to get a decent movie we have to pay more each month for on demand updated movies its just a rip off


QueirogaA posted a comment   

At the time I saw facebook there were 1939 responses to Foxtel's ridiculous post!I am also very angry for the amount of channels now, the few choices, bad movies, no reduction in fee and to top it up, I live in a rural place, I can't have their upgrade or watch a movie via the internet! (not that I want)

If everybody cancels the movie package at $28 per month, this would be equal to $54,292 a month, or $651,504 a year that Foxtel would lose!

Now for Foxtel to take absolutely no notice in what's been written here 1939 people must represent less than 10% of the subscribers who have being affected by the changes. So if we round this to 10% the potential income for the movie package alone is $6,515,040.

If Foxtel experinces a 10% loss in revenue from the movie package it is still only $1,303,008. This is probably less than CEOs renumeration package, any wonder they're not listening to us???


GregB4 posted a comment   

Since January 1st Foxtel is charging the same amount but providing less services. When were we told that this was going to happen ? The agreement that we signed up for has ben broken.


QuasiM posted a comment   

one more thing should be addressed us pensioners like my self do not have access to unlimited downloads so the on demand thing is useless to us


ceebee23 posted a comment   

The real question now is how will Foxtel respond to the customer backlash. They need to urgently review their movie lineup and sort out their deals with the studios that were part of the Movie Network.

The spin about "streamlining" etc. is just hogwash and has not worked.

They need to make some sort of amends ASAP. The anger is palpable on their Facebook page.

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