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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Super Mario Mobius strip boggles our minds

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(Credit: Shapeways)

A 3D-printed Möbius strip features the first level of Super Mario Bros in an endless loop.

A Möbius strip is a piece of material that only has one surface — as you follow it around, you find yourself travelling in an endless loop. Think of a rubber band with a single half-twist. It's a curious mathematical paradox, as well as a riveting object to play with.

Designer Joaquin Baldwin has taken the concept to the next nerdy level — by putting the first level of 1985's Super Mario Bros in an endless loop on the strip, and then printing it out as an object on a 3D printer with the world objects standing out in relief.

The resulting object is one that is distinctly dissatisfying in pictures. We want to pick it up and look at it from every angle, then maybe roll it around a little to watch the world change.

The awesome news is, if you want one for yourself, you can grab it from Shapeways for €19.03 (around AU$23-AU$24). Score.

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