Superhot breaks record: fastest game ever Steam Greenlit

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The Superhot first-person shooter made during 7DFPS and subsequently posted to Steam Greenlight reached approval in just five days.

(Credit: Blue Brick)

Ironically, perhaps, for a game in which the core mechanic involves slowing down time, indie title Superhot has broken the Steam Greenlight speed record, passing in just five days.

Today, developer Blue Brick has announced that a full version of the game (currently available to play for free online) will now be developed.

"We're very excited about [breaking the Greenlight record], but ahead of us lies an even greater task," the team said in a post. "Right now we have to make this game happen. "

The full game will be available for PC, Mac and Linux. Hit up Superhot's Steam page for more info. You can also see the other 19 titles approved in today's batch here.

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