Supersonic drone to be tested in Australia

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The new stealth "superdrone" from BAE Systems will get its maiden flight at the Woomera test range in South Australia.

The Taranis drone.
(Credit: BAE Systems)

The RAAF Woomera Test Range in South Australia is not only one of Australia's most heavily protected areas; it's also the world's largest land-based military testing area.

It will also play home to Taranis, the so-called superdrone project being run by BAE Systems. Taranis is a stealth drone resembling the famous B-2 stealth bomber in terms of its design.

The drone will be capable of supersonic speeds while remaining undetected by radar system, as well as being able to actively evade hostile aircraft and missiles, unlike current drones.

News Limited has reported that the maiden test flight in Woomera will take place at an undisclosed date "later this year". Woomera has hosted a large array of aerospace "firsts" since its inception in 1946, and is a popular area for testing, both military and otherwise, with the range currently booked as far ahead as 2023.

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