Surf turns Chrome into a BitTorrent client

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BitTorrent's not the first to build a torrent-catching browser add-on, but it is the first to do so with the creator of the torrent protocol behind the wheel.

BitTorrent Surf
(Credit: BitTorrent)

BitTorrent Surf is a new Chrome add-on (download) that turns the browser into a torrent client. While that's not an innovation on its own, this is the first time that the company has built a complete torrent manager for the browser.

In development for the past six months, according to the BitTorrent blog announcing the add-on, Surf lets you find torrents on the web and download them.

Still in rough alpha, Surf goes beyond that. It allows for automatic torrent detection when you navigate to a site, and you can save favourite sites to "create your own combined engine", according to the blog.

Surf also tells you the "health" of the torrent, which means how many peers are sharing it, and it allows you to download the files within Chrome. A Firefox version is in the works, according to TorrentFreak.

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