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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Swype 3.0: stroke it and poke it?

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(Credit: Screenshot by CBSi)

When your business is creating alternative text input for mobile devices, we suppose a sense of humour comes in handy.

Swype has announced the open beta for version 3.0 of its increasingly impressive text entry system, and is celebrating with a new video demo and a risque new love-line, "stroke it don't and poke it". You can register for the beta here.

The video (below) shows off the two most important new enhancements for the software: auto-correcting single-tap text input like the pre-installed keyboards on iPhone and Android; and new tablet-friendly keyboard options. Android tableteers can now choose between a full-sized keyboard for single-tap use, or a miniaturised version for easy Swyping on the big screen. The mini keyboard can also be repositioned to one of three positions across the lower half of the screen.

But why are we telling you all of this when you could see it for yourself? So sit back, turn down the lights and get the popcorn ready for 45 seconds of exciting web video underscored by pounding cinematic orchestral music.

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RonL3 posted a comment   

SlideIT has had tablet support, resizing and predictive tapping for months, not to mention a "horizontal suggestion bar", which is so trivial it is not even listed as a "feature". They can even combine tapping and swyping. I always feel that Swype is one step behind them and is just looking at what SlideIT does and coping it with a fancier look. Sorry, but the original is usually (and this is no exception) better.


ChrisS1 posted a comment   

WHY can't I have this on my HTC desire S!!!! WHY???

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