Sydney Apple Store: Fans say wait was worth it

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After a hype-filled countdown that saw some fans queuing for over 30 hours, the Sydney Apple Store threw open its doors to the public at 5pm on Thursday June 19.

Crowds clogged the pavement on both sides of the street as Apple lovers were finally granted access to the glass-fronted store — the second-largest in the world after London's Regent Street outpost.

Inside they encountered a clapping, cheering, dancing mass of Apple staff — one of whom was the company's senior vice president of retail, Ron Johnson.

For the early queuers who endured a winter sleepout on the pavement, the wait and discomfort was worth it. Moyzschya Belle, the second person to line up, said the launch event was everything he had hoped for and more.

"The physical facilities are remarkable," he said. "And the staff: mind-boggling."

Despite having had an estimated 30 minutes' sleep over the previous two days, Belle felt energised by the atmosphere. "I feel younger," he said. "It drains all the age out of you."

To see inside the Sydney Apple Store, take a look at our video tour and photo gallery.

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