Sydney Buses trialling free Wi-Fi

Passengers on Sydney's M10 buses will now have access to free Wi-Fi as part of a trial of the technology, the New South Wales Government announced on Friday.

Bus stop

(Waiting for the bus image by Ben Cumming, CC BY-SA 2.0)

The six-month trial, which commenced on Friday, will allow commuters to log on via their laptops or smartphones for two sessions per day. Each session lasts for 45 minutes or until the user runs over their 30MB download limit.

"Passengers can now check their email, jump on Twitter, read the latest news online or get some work done — all while travelling on a bus," NSW Transport Minister John Robertson said in a statement.

The M10 service runs from Leichardt past the University of Sydney, Broadway Shopping Centre, the University of Technology Sydney and Central Station all the way through to the Sydney Cricket Ground, Randwick and the University of New South Wales. The services carry roughly two million passengers every year.

The trial follows a similar Wi-Fi trial on Manly's ferry service earlier this year. Robertson said that more than 120,000 people had used the service since its introduction.

"As each trial progresses we are learning more about the technology, the challenges of providing internet services on a moving object, and how to overcome them," he said. "Every trial gets us one step closer to rolling out these sorts of technologies across our broader public transport network."


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jack posted a comment   

tried it out, it works pretty darn well. My friend from overseas happened to try it as well at the time - she was quite wowed.


obsidiantears83 posted a comment   

This is a great idea, I use up all my data whilst on public transport. I can't wait for them to trial it on trains (so far it has been ferries, circular quay station, and now buses, trains must be next, right?!). I do agree though - the public transport in Sydney has so many issues, I would prefer not to have to wait an hour for a bus, and have an air conditioned train...


LOL posted a comment   

If you can explain how you can supply technology to simeltaneously connect 100+ people to reasonably fast broadband to a moving train at a reasonable price, let me know!!!


niewho posted a comment   

I would be happy if they first at least have buses come on time. Any tech won't compensate for getting late to school/work


IwanS posted a comment   

And what about commuter trains?!

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