Sydney Opera House and YouTube to live stream events

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The Sydney Opera House will live stream 20 performances over a two-year period straight to YouTube, thanks to a new partnership.

(Credit: Sydney Opera House/YouTube)

Over 1.4 million people pass through the doors of the Opera House each year. Billions of video streams are served via YouTube, so the partnership promises a global reach for performances. Shows will be streamed on their own dedicated channel, though the list of performances has yet to be announced; expect the first live-streamed show to be announced in early 2013.

This is not the first time that the global icon has teamed up with Google's video site. In 2011, the YouTube Symphony Orchestra called for auditions from across the globe to perform live on-stage at the Opera House. Earlier this year, as part of the Vivid Live festival, a performance by the Temper Trap was streamed straight to YouTube simultaneously during the performance.

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