Tablets finding work as electronic babysitters

Looking for a new way to keep your unruly kids occupied? Apple, Samsung and a bunch of other companies may have just what you need.

(Credit: CNET)

Polling a host of families with kids under 12, the people at Nielsen found that tablets are a great way to keep those kids quiet. A full 55 per cent said they serve their children tablets as entertainment while stuck in the car, while 41 per cent do the same in restaurants.

So which activities will keep your kids busy so mummy and daddy can get some peace?

Among the parents polled, 73 per cent said their children play downloaded games on their tablet, while 57 per cent said their kids use educational apps. And 43 per cent like to watch TV shows and movies.

Surprisingly, staying in touch with friends and family isn't so popular. Only 15 per cent of the kids in the survey use their tablets to remain in contact with others. Maybe those under 12 aren't so much into communicating these days, or maybe they're just using mobile phones for all their texting and chatting.

Overall, seven out of every 10 children in tablet-owning households used a tablet last quarter, a 9 per cent increase from the previous quarter.

So all you parents out there thinking of buying a tablet — remember it's not just a useful device for work and play. It's a good way to make sure your next car trip or restaurant visit can be calm and tranquil.


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