Tablets in Australia: the state of play

The era of the tablet is finally upon us, thanks to Apple's iPad.

Sure, there's been dozens of attempts at the format before, but it's only just now that things are starting to get serious. Many people are still curious though as to what they can actually use these things for — those who are interested seem to have a unique, specific intent for tablets, whether it be reading comics, showing show reels to potential clients, using them for in-flight entertainment or otherwise — they're far and away the most single, general purpose devices we've seen.

This is a market that's still expanding, especially in Australia — as such we've included products that are available now, and products we expect to see soon. We're still waiting to hear the final word on the Australian release date of some interesting experiments, but rest assured once we know, you'll see it here.

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ebbie posted a comment   

Still confused


Chook posted a comment   

OK...i will buy an anyPad when:

1. i can make/take phone calls from them.
2. multi task. Send emails/text containing info whilst on the pad.
3. Question. I look after a number of companies. Why can the anyPad receive calls from say 4 different work numbers??


whitecrow posted a comment   

No mention of the Dell Streak? Yet at you say it's the 'strongest contender' as a competitor for the iPad

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