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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Take a tour of the International Space Station

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(Credit: NASA)

Take 25 minutes out of your day to let Commander Sunita Williams take you on a tour of the International Space Station. You won't regret it.

A few weeks ago, I watched as a bright object moved steadily across the Sydney night sky. It was the International Space Station (ISS) in its orbit around the Earth; from down here on the ground, it looked like a large, peripatetic star.

It felt rather strange to think that up there, in zero gravity, were human beings. What were they doing? What were their lives like?

Now we're all being given a rare glimpse into life aboard the ISS. Commander Sunita Williams, just before her return to Earth, filmed a guided tour of the station and the astronauts' life aboard.

It's the little things that are the most fascinating: your environment changes quite significantly when you can navigate it in all directions, with no up or down. Watching Williams navigate the space in three dimensions, and her explanations of how they live in zero gravity, is a mind-trip — there are no chairs, for example, because the astronauts never need to sit down.

And now we really want to go to space, just to see what it's like. Watch the video below and tell us that you don't feel the same.


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mfcordoza posted a comment   
United States

Very interesting. I have a new found admiration for these men and women who live up there for months. Thank you for your work and your sacrifice.


KarlJ posted a comment   

Thanks for that, loved seeing it!

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