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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Take photos with your fingers

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Lexy spent her formative years taking a lot of photos and dreaming in technicolour. Nothing much has changed now she's covering all things photography related for CNET.

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Plenty of photographers frame their shots by forming a rectangle with their fingers. This new prototype camera would make that process seamless.

Developed by researchers at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Japan, the Ubi Camera attaches to your index finger. When the rectangle is formed by placing the opposite thumb on the shutter, you can take the photo by pressing down on the button.

The distance between the camera and the photographer's face will determine the framing. The Ubi Camera has a fixed focal length lens (which means no zoom built-in) so digital zoom is only possible when viewing the image on a computer.

Currently, the prototype camera is connected to a computer, but in the future the researchers hope to make a wireless, stand-alone camera that can be used outside.


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