Taronga Zoo through Google Glass

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See the animals of Taronga Zoo through the eyes of the keepers with Google Glass.

(Credit: Google)

Google Glass has a lot of cool potential, from letting us perform searches on the fly to reading news feeds and using it as a personal GPS.

But we've only just begun to tap into what it can do, as evidenced by a new video of the gadget. The folks at Taronga Zoo were curious about the headset, so Google went and visited for a day for a keeper's-eye view of the zoo's inhabitants.

Highlights include a koala leaping from one branch to another, the experience of feeding a giraffe and watching an incoming sooty owl swooping toward its keeper's head.

This is where video recording could really shine — not just in sharing a point of view that few rarely experience, but, for the zookeepers, recording their interactions with their animals so they can study how to handle them better.

Plus, it's super, super cute.

Google Glass still doesn't have a release date in Australia — the Taronga team was using an early test pair — but it's heartening to know that they're at least on the way.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

The hands free recording is what sets this apart for this application, just the keeper and the animal going about their normal routine.

People will learn the art of filming, it would take a bit to leran/remember that you are recording where you look... we move our head around a lot more than we realise. Image quality looked great, but a few times with the direct sunlight it was all lost, but that is common part of any image capturing technique.

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