TCL offers Australia's first sub-AU$5K Ultra HD TV

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Chinese manufacturer TCL will have 65-inch 4K TV in retail by mid-September for just AU$4999.

The TCL E5691.
(Credit: TCL)

Australia's Ultra HD offerings are set to get a new low-cost competitor as TCL introduces its E5691 65-inch TV.

The 4K set will be smart TV enabled, have three HDMI ports and come loaded with both SBS On Demand and SMH TV apps.

The edge-lit LED TV will be the lowest-cost 4K Ultra HD set on the market, being AU$1000 cheaper than Sony's 55-inch model.

The TCL TV will be in retail from mid-September. We'll have a hands-on look at the low-cost set in the coming weeks.

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phantomps2 posted a comment   

Close.. Except JB HiFi already have the Hisense model available...


Nic Healey posted a reply   

The official Hisense pricing on its 58-inch 4K TV is AU$5999. I'm unsure where JB has got its pricing, but I've asked Hisense for a comment.


Seamus Byrne posted a reply   

Given that Hisense model is at a discount on the RRP it'll be interesting to see what the shelf price of the TCL gets to by Christmas.


phantomps2 posted a reply   

I have to say I prefer the quality of the Sony product - but with those unremovable speakers.. argh.. I've already got a great sound setup. Pricing of some other manufacturers is of interest too. Samsung, LG, Panasonic etc... Might be worth doing an article of upcoming models, pricing, release dates etc..?

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