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TCL is working with partners including Quickflix to provide Australian content for its launch of MoVo with Google TV.

TCL's Movo box with Google TV being demonstrated at CES 2013.
(Credit: Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

TCL has recently increased its push into the Australian market, and the company hopes to create new partnerships with video content owners as it prepares to launch the MoVo with Google TV.

MoVo comes as either a set-top box, or TCL has a TV with the hardware incorporated. It's a Google TV 3.0 service, running on the Marvell processor architecture.

Previous attempts to get Google TV up and running with Australian consumers suffered from a lack of content available for Australian users.

TCL told CNET Australia at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 that it is working with local partners to include a number of local video content sources, including catch-up TV and video on demand — both SBS On Demand and Quickflix were named.

The MoVo also has voice search capabilities, and, on TVs with an integrated camera, it will actually recognise individual users and tailor its content screens based on viewing and search history.

No date is set for the MoVo's launch in Australia.

Nic Healey travelled to CES 2013 as a guest of LG.

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