TCL's clear displays for windows and fridges

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In addition to its TV range, TCL had some other, very clever displays on show at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013.

TCL's fridge display.
(Credit: Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

While it was hard to walk away from the 110-inch TV and the Google TV, TCL's booth at CES 2013 had a number of great reasons to explore beyond the world of OLED and Ultra HD.

The fridge display in full.
(Credit: Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

TCL had two different clear displays — the Smart Window and a fridge that had a colour touchscreen as well.

The smart window was rather neat, with a quick refresh and surprisingly crisp images. The fridge, however, was really intriguing — the clear display formed the door, but also provided temperature and energy-usage stats, while the colour touchscreen could let you re-order food for delivery, directly from the fridge itself.

These aren't exactly on their way to consumers any time too soon, and in the fridges case, we'd imaging that it might see light in luxury hotels, or similar, beforehand. Either way, it's certainly something that has piqued our interest.

Before and after on the Smart Window.
(Credit: Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

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