Tearing down the GoPro Hero 3

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See what's inside the GoPro Hero 3 as the iFixit team tears it apart for science.

(Credit: iFixit)

GoPro is well-known for its marketing stunts that put the tiny action camera in the hands of a skydiving team, or on the heads of ski jumpers.

This teardown isn't anything to do with GoPro's marketing team, as far as we can tell, as iFixit takes the device apart.

Some of the insights gleaned from the teardown include the image sensor, which is a Sony IMX117 Exmor R model. Sony makes its own Action Cam, a direct competitor to the GoPro, and also uses an Exmor R sensor. However, it doesn't appear that the two share the same sensor, as the GoPro's model is 12 megapixels while the Action Cam has a 16-megapixel version.

The good news for any GoPro user is that the Hero 3's battery is relatively easy to replace yourself.

Check out the full teardown at iFixit's website.

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