Tech Time Machine: 5 March

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Without this day in tech, we mightn't be surfing the web on desktop PCs or talking into our iPhones. Yes, 5 March is a truly a momentous day in technology.

It was on this day that the word "homebrew" began referring to more than just home-made alcohol, and Sinclair made computers in the UK affordable, easy and popular.

Other notable events on this day include the banning for life of disgraced Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson in 1993, and, in 1956, the United States Supreme Court upholding a ruling against racial segregation in schools.

Today in 1960, photographer Alberto Korda took the photo that would later become emblazoned on merchandise from flags and mugs to shirts and caps. The photo, dubbed Guerrillero Heroico, showed Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara at his stoic and photogenic best.

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