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LG Cinema 3D D2542P-PN

LG Cinema 3D D2542P-PN

LG's D2542P-PN is more suited to console playing and movie watching when in 3D mode, but as a straight monitor there's much better value to be had elsewhere.

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Comments from LG Australia

December 20th, 2011

Comments from LG Australia

Monitor Wobbling Issue

As we received the same field claim from other countries beside Australia, the factory has re-designed and revised the neck and stand with additional rubber around them which will prevent the monitor from wobbling.

Since the monitor is heavy, being 25 inches, the wobbling can't be 100% solved, but it has improved a lot, and we are now manufacturing improved versions of 3D monitor.

iMac 3D Interface Issue

The supplied 3D content playing software called "TriDef" was originally designed to support only Window O/S, and doesn't support Mac PC. Therefore, you can't watch this 3D content on your Mac PC unfortunately. This is not only LG 3D monitor's issue, but all the other 3D monitor brands such as Samsung, Acer etc. as also battling this.

On our user manual, it is clearly mentioned that TriDef S/W doesn't support Mac PC. However, there is no problem using it in 2D.

The monitor has its perks and disadvantages

December 19th, 2011

Into the world of 3D and back

From the moment James Cameron's Avatar made its debut in cinemas, 3D has begun to garner attention, not only in theatres, but in a home setting, as well. For these past four weeks, I have been trialling and evaluating the LG cinema 3D Monitor with an assortment of content covering; 2D and 3D forms of entertainment/media at home. The monitor has its perks and disadvantages, but whether this monitor is a worthy purchase comes down to its underlying main feature: 3D!

The main features that are noteworthy:

  • Powerless passive glasses (cheap and environmentally friendly) and clip-on glasses
  • Large screen for a bedroom/study setting
  • Flicker-free 3D
  • The power-saving feature (see below).

energy saving feature

The "super energy saving" feature gives you the option of lowering the brightness to save energy, and then furthermore show the statistics of how much you saved, as well.
(Credit: Yadav Ravi)


The verdict: LG's 25-inch Cinema 3D Monitor

December 16th, 2011

3D will succeed when the glasses come off

Don't get me wrong; this monitor is great. But like all other personal 3D technologies on the market, the biggest potential selling point always comes with a catch; the need for glasses. Until the industry releases monitors that can display 3D without the need for glasses (which is surely only a matter of time), 3D will fail to shed the certain novelty value that it has held for years. In some cases, less means more. And in the world of 3D, that can only mean one thing: no glasses.

What I liked about this product

  • The 25-inch screen was ideal for PC use and for gaming
  • The 2D display image is second to none
  • TriDef software was great for image 2D/3D manipulation
  • Viewing holiday photos in 3D was fantastic
  • The versatility of the 3D display options using the navigation buttons was easy to use.

How I would improve this product

  • More HDMI inputs
  • Integrated sound
  • Monitor stand rigidity
  • The implementation of a quick toggle button between settings, which would help with onscreen navigation between viewing modes
  • Include an HDMI cable in the box; as 3D is its major selling point, it would make sense to include one.


Final thoughts of LG's Cinema 3D Monitor

December 15th, 2011

Given the LG Cinema 3D Monitor is a beautifully crafted device and listed at $499 (recommended retail price). Let's have a look at what the market offers in the 3D range.


LG Cinema 3D D2542P-PN
(Credit: LG Electronics, CNET Australia)


Final thoughts on performance of 25-inch LG Cinema 3D Monitor

December 14th, 2011

Over the past four weeks, I had the chance to put the 25-inch LG Cinema 3D Monitor through its paces, primarily using it as a monitor connected to a PC, but also testing the display and its 3D functionality using PC and peripheral-sourced media (via the HDMI port).

Peripherals connected throughout review period

The LG Cinema 3D Monitor and various peripherals connected during the review period. Unfortunately, a different HDMI cable was required for each device connection; multiple HDMI inputs would be useful.
(Credit: Andrew Richardson)


Conclusion: not Mac compatible

December 13th, 2011

I had looked forward to the LG 25-inch Cinema 3D Monitor with such high hopes and I'm sorry to say it has been a big disappointment. I like LG; in fact, I have one of its Cinema 3D TV's, which I think is great: it plays well with everything I have connected to it and is easy to use.

The LG 25-inch Cinema 3D Monitor does not function well with a Mac — this is the biggest problem I have with the monitor. Why a major company would release a computer monitor and only provide Windows software and drivers is beyond me. A Mac would be a perfect match with a monitor like this, but without any driver or software support it is virtually useless for Mac users.

I doubt I would recommend this monitor to anyone, it is too expensive at an RRP of AU$500. It is also difficult to use because you have to continually mess with the buttons on the front to suit the 3D content you are consuming. The scarcity of 3D content is also an issue if you do not want to spend money on 3D movies, games etc. I think you would be better off buying a decent monitor rather than worry about 3D.


  • The monitor is passive 3D
  • The glasses and clip-on glasses provided are great
  • The monitor has a power-saving mode
  • The monitor is very light
  • Works with Xbox


LG Cinema 3D Monitor in a bedroom setting

December 12th, 2011

This week I decided to switch my monitor with the LG 3D Monitor to see its suitability in a bedroom environment and as a general purpose computer monitor.

My bedroom set-up with the LG Cinema 3D Monitor.
(Credit: Yadav Ravi)


Looking good indoors with LG

December 9th, 2011

The 3D glasses

If you are looking for an excuse to wear shades indoors this summer, then the LG Cinema 3D glasses will have you seeing things in different tint. With frames and lenses made entirely from plastic, and with no need for a battery power supply, the glasses are lightweight and wear comfortably on the face.

Glasses included in the box

The LG Cinema 3D glasses included in the box.
(Credit: David Moffatt)


LG Cinema 3D Monitor performance review

December 8th, 2011

Monitor performance of the LG 3D Cinema Monitor is stunning. The changes from different inputs are really a bonus, since it is so simple to change from between different platforms. With the PS3 automatically detecting 3D settings, it makes life just that much easier. The buttons at the front, again, are really difficult to use.

This video shows the smooth transition between different inputs, and how an input will recognise the 3D settings and request for a decision. It also gives a small insight into what 3D looks like through the glasses compared to without. A brief demonstration with the game WipEout HD is introduced to give the 3D example.
(Credit: Austin Lin)


Further exploration of the 25-inch LG Cinema 3D Monitor

December 7th, 2011

LG Monitor 3D functionality good, but needs quality third-party 3D content

In my third week with the 25-inch LG Cinema 3D Monitor I sought to explore 3D PC-based content, as well as commenting further on the important 3D vision-enabling glasses.

I had no trouble installing DDD's TriDef 3D software to view 3D content from my PC, including the supplied LG 3D Content DVD, and other sources like YouTube's dedicated 3D channel and websites like Yabazam (also powered by TriDef). I did also try and source free stereoscopic 3D games and found that there is very little available.

YouTube's 3D Channel

YouTube's dedicated 3D channel has some interesting posts, but the overall experience disappoints for now.
(Credit: Andrew Richardson)


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