Teen scammed AU$810 for Xbox One photo on eBay

A 19-year-old teenager from Nottingham in the UK spent AU$810 on eBay to buy an Xbox One but was surprised when he only received a printed photo in the mail.

(Screenshot by Campbell Simpson/CNET Australia)

The Nottingham Post is reporting that Peter Clatworthy, of Billborough, a suburb in Nottingham, went on eBay to find a Christmas present for his four-year-old son, McKenzie. After finding an Xbox One listing that was slightly cheaper than the others, he paid £450 and £8 shipping (approximately AU$826), despite being wary about the dodgy nature of the listing.

"It said 'photo', and I was in two minds, but I looked at the description, and the fact it was in the right category made me think it was genuine. I looked at the seller's feedback, and there was nothing negative. I bought it there and then because I thought it was a good deal," Clatworthy told the Post.

He received a package in the mail a few days later; the printed photo, of an Xbox One retail console package and bundled FIFA 14 game, had "thank you for your purchase" written on the back.

eBay has investigated the sale and has stated that Clatworthy should receive a full refund from the seller, although this has not happened yet. An eBay representative told the Nottingham Post, "We don't allow listings which mislead and will take action against this seller."

Whatever happens with eBay and Clatworthy's refund, he'll have a photographic reminder to be more careful making online purchases in the future. The photo isn't even printed on photo paper, either, and it looks like it's been run off on a printer that's almost out of ink.

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ADSLNerd posted a comment   

This guy should be shot, what happened to common sense? He entered a legally binding agreement when the title of the item clearly indicated "photo" aka photo of XBO - not the machine. It seems idiots and fools who have no common sense are rewarded for their stupidity.


ADSLNerd posted a reply   

"Shot" as in metaphorically had a good talking too because of his failure to use common sense. People like this deserve to be ripped off.


Chandler posted a comment   

Anyone else do the math and find out that this guy became a father at 15-years...?


AdamL5 posted a comment   

i got a nice pic of ps4 if anyone has a spare $600-

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