Telltale bringing The Wolf Among Us to iOS and PS Vita

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Telltale Games will be bringing its latest episodic game, The Wolf Among Us, to PS Vita and iOS devices in the near future.

Telltale is the maker of The Walking Dead game, which garnered numerous Game of the Year awards in 2012.

The Wolf Among Us is a similar title, both in terms of its art style, its episodic nature and the fact it's based on an award-winning comic book series — this time Bill Willingham's Fables. The comics revolve around a group of characters from fables and fairy stories trying to survive in modern New York.

Episode one was released earlier this month, and at the moment, you'll need a PC, Mac, Xbox or PS3 to play. However, Telltale has revealed that it will be bringing The Wolf to both iOS and PS Vita.

The information comes at the end of the trailer above, and at present, there's no pricing or timing regarding availability. For the iOS version at least, we'd anticipate that the cost would be similar to The Walking Dead: AU$5.49 per episode.

We'll update with official launch dates and RRPs for both iOS and Vita as Telltale reveals more information.

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