Telstra adds Xoom, Optimus Black, Bold Touch to database

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A leak from within Telstra has revealed that the company today added several high profile new products to its internal database.

Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom with its dock accessory.
(Credit: Motorola)

The unnamed source told ZDNET Australia that the company has added the Motorola Xoom tablet alongside the Android-powered LG Optimus Black and the as-yet unannounced BlackBerry Bold Touch to its product database, with a memo going out to staff informing them of the database changes that was marked "Telstra in Confidence".

Few other details are known about when the devices will launch exactly, though our source did say that the Xoom would be available on a Data+ cap plan. These plans are designed for tablets, offering data and SMS value plus a Mobile Repayment Option value that is subtracted from the cost of the new device. Motorola is hosting a launch event on 5 May which is tipped to be the launch of the Xoom tablet and the Atrix smartphone. The Optimus Black is expected at any time now having been officially unveiled at the beginning of the year, though the BlackBerry Bold Touch could still be months from being on sale.

Telstra could neither confirm nor deny the report at the time of publication.

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