Telstra announces Galaxy S3 4G availability

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 4G will be in Telstra stores from 9 October and can be ordered online from today.

Telstra's S3 4G page.
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When Virgin and Optus announced that they would be selling the 4G version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S3, Telstra was biding its time before discussing its own plans for availability.

Telstra has now announced the plans and pricing for it, for both consumer and business customers.

Consumers can get the handset starting on the $60 Every Day Connect Plan, with a $6 handset repayment per month for a minimum cost over 24 months of $1,584. The plan comes with $600 worth of standard national calls and MMS, plus unlimited text messaging to standard Australian numbers and 1GB of data for use in Australia.

For business customers, the phone plans begin with the $60 Business Performance Plan, with a $6 handset repayment per month for, again, a $1,584 minimum cost over two years. The same call and data allowances as the Every Day Connect Plan apply.

The plans increase in pricing and data allowance, topping out at a 3GB data cap.

Telstra currently offers 4G in 100 metropolitan areas across Australia, and is expected have coverage in all capital cities within the next 10 months.

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Will1505 posted a comment   

Samsung have only ever done that once, and that was the original S. Though initially they said no, then maybe, then no.


Brendamnit posted a comment   

Hey Nic,

Can we expect to see a review of this handset, compared to the standard S3? Mostly concerned with battery life since it ships with the same battery. Cheers



Croc posted a comment   

Well that didnt take long for Samsung to make their flagship phone redundant did it :-)))


trebor83 posted a reply   

And then in about a month they will release the Galaxy Note 2 and do it again. Seems they aren't ahppy unless they have 17 different models on the market at once.


Will1505 posted a reply   

Yep because that is what customers actually want, variety. Samsung have every reason to be happy, they give customers what they want and that had gotten them over 20% of all mobile deviced sold in the world.


trebor83 posted a reply   

And then because they have so many different combinations of hardware on the market, each of which needs to have the drivers and so on individually customised for it, most of them never see a software update.


Will1505 posted a reply   

Well if you have seen the list of devices being updated to JB from samsung, you'll see devices ranging from the S3 to the mini 2. Vastly different devices, every spec is different but still getting the update. A total of 17 devices and all the varients of those devices getting JB updates. Some devices are even skipping the ICS update and gping straight to JB from GB. Where as there are sony devices released this year with GB which are only getting ICS updates at the end of the year. Samsung are now keeping to the 2 year update suggestion that google asked for. HTC and LG can't say the same.


trebor83 posted a reply   

Fair enough and credit to them for it. But as Motorla demostrated this week there is a major difference between saying you're going to update software and actually doing it

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